Can I have more than one offer running at any one time?

All of the information you need about your ParkingPerx offers...

You can create as many offers as you like, but only ONE qualifying offer can be LIVE at any one time and applied to any single purchase transaction. Remember that we are simply confirming the basket value of each Consumer’s purchase – this can therefore only be linked to one offer.

So, for example, you could have a ‘tiered offer’ where the reward is different at different levels of spend, e.g. “Spend £20 and earn 3%, Spend £50 and earn 5%”. The Consumer spend would EITHER qualify for the 3% reward, the 5% reward or NOT qualify – these are mutually exclusive.

As another example, you could have two separate Offers, one which applies Monday to Thursdays during quiet periods and a different Offer at the weekends – but again, only one of these would be LIVE and applied to a purchase transaction at any one time.

As part of our plans for our next release of the software, we are introducing Offers that can be linked to specific Products or Services. This would facilitate multiple Offers to be live at one time...WATCH THIS SPACE!