How can ParkingPerx benefit Professional Services businesses?

Curious as to how ParkingPerx can benefit your Professional Services business? Here's how...

How it works-

ParkingPerx allows participating Merchants to tailor offers to suit the needs of their business and increase footfall and spending in their store.

Participating Merchants will determine the value of the reward that they wish to offer to customers. This can involve a fixed reward for consumers who spend over a certain amount or a percentage of spend.

Alternatively there is the option to purchase ParkingPerx vouchers to reward customers in denominations of £2.50, £5, £10 or £20.

How will ParkingPerx benefit my business-

ParkingPerx will promote all participating businesses across a multitude of marketing channels. As well as being included in the App, participating Merchants and their Offers will be promoted through the ParkingPerx marketing channels which includes social media and direct emails to ParkingPerx users. We will also be running a host of competitions and promotional campaigns targeted to consumers in nearby geographical locations. 

In addition, Merchants can be included in Smart Messaging notifications to users when they arrive in and move around the location (note that this is an optional extra that has an associated cost).

Participating Merchants will also receive access to the ParkingPerx Merchant Portal to monitor the performance of their offers and access detailed consumer insight reports.