How will the payment process work for participating Merchants?

Find out how the payment process will work for you as a ParkingPerx Business Partner.

ParkingPerx offers can reward consumers on the basis of meeting qualifying spend requirements OR alternatively participating Merchants can reward their customers with ParkingPerx Gift Vouchers. 

If the rewards are linked to a ParkingPerx offer then participating Merchants choose how much of a deposit to make into their ParkingPerx holding account (subject to our minimum deposit requirement). Any rewards plus our fees will be deducted from this account and Merchants will be notified once their funds are almost depleted.

Only when Consumers make qualifying purchases, are the rewards they earn plus any fees deducted from your Merchant Account which is held in Escrow. Any surplus can be refunded at any time and will be repaid within 5 working days.

Alternatively if participating Merchants are rewarding their customers with ParkingPerx Gift Vouchers these can be requested and purchased in advance via invoice. Note that gift voucher purchases are non refundable.