How do I earn Perx from an e-voucher Offer?

Keen to earn Perx from e-voucher offers online or in-store? Here's how...

ParkingPerx Offers can either be ‘card-linked’ (just spend as usual with your pre-registered credit or debit card to earn Perx) or ‘E-Vouchers’ (look out for the e-voucher symbol to identify offers requiring the purchase of an e-voucher - E voucher symbol)

How to earn Perx with an e-voucher purchase-

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For ‘E-Vouchers’ your ParkingPerx reward is shown as a percentage of spend.

When you select this type of offer you will be taken to a page where you decide the value of your e-voucher before purchasing in just a few clicks!

saving e voucher

Your e-voucher will be presented on screen for you to present at the Merchant till point as you would with any other e-voucher. 

Remember- your e-voucher will be stored within the 'My Profile' section of the app if you don't spend your e-voucher all in one go or wish to retrieve it at a later date! 

E voucher 27.11.2020

At this point, the Perx you have earned will be IMMEDIATELY credited to your Perx balance and available to use to redeem against your parking, whether you choose to redeem the offer straight away or not.

Shopping online?

Earn Perx from online spending by purchasing your ParkingPerx e-voucher (as above).

You will be presented with a voucher code within the app to enter at the online checkout as you would with any other online gift voucher- it's that simple! 

Your Perx will automatically be loaded onto your account ready to redeem and PARK FREE on your next visit to town. 

Why not check out this quick video explaining how to earn Perx online or in store?

How to pay (evoucher and card link)