How do I top up my Perx balance?

Find out how to top up your Perx balance if you have insufficient funds to pay for your parking session and don't fancy saving your Perx for your next trip.

If you check your car parking tariff and Perx balance within the app and realise that you have insufficient funds to pay with Perx you can choose to either save your Perx for your next visit or top up your Perx within our app using funds from your pre-registered debit/credit card. 

To top up funds simply click the '+' icon in the top right hand corner of the app next to your 'My Perx' Balance, enter the top up amount in GBP and confirm! 

My Perx circled

Please note that there are Processing Fees for topping up your Perx balance, these charges are outlined clearly on the top up payment page. 

Top Up Perx Image

Remember that if you have insufficient Perx to pay for your current parking session you can choose to simply continue to  build them up ready for your next visit!