How and WHY does ParkingPerx use and store my financial information?

Find out why we need to collect some of your financial information and how this information is stored to keep your data safe and secure.

Why do you collect my debit/credit card details?

In ParkingPerx, there are THREE ways you can earn your Perx at participating Merchants:

1.  Earn Instore (Card-Linked) denoted by the App icon - card linked symbol.


2. Earn Online via the purchase of an E-Voucher - denoted by the following symbols next to the Offer in the App. or


3. Redeem Instore via the purchase of an E- Voucher- denoted by the following symbols



Earning Instore via a Card-Linked purchase is where we automatically pick up your spending in our participating Merchants when you make your purchase at the till. We do this by checking the Mastercard / Visa platform for transactions of the participating Merchants and matching the debit / credit cards that were used. We can then qualify whether you have earned any Perx (based upon the minimum spend associated with the Offer which is set by the Merchant), and if, so, how much you have earned (each Offer is different. The reward could be a fixed amount or a percentage of spend. There could also be different rewards at different levels of spending - check out the Offer details in the App. Remember that each Offer and each Merchant are different).

So, you need to register your debit/credit card details with us so that we can qualify your reward and then ADD the Perx you have earned to your account automatically. If you choose NOT to store your cards then you will not be able to earn Perx at any Merchants that have card-linked offers.

Earning Online and Redeeming instore via an E-Voucher purchase requires you to provide a payment card. You can do this each time you make an e-voucher purchase in the App and complete the details of your card at the time of each transaction. However, by registering your cards once with us, we can securely store your cards through our PCI compliant partners and you simply need to retrieve your card when you make a purchase. This speeds up the whole experience and makes things easier to do.

So your one-off card registration serves two purposes - to allow you to earn based upon Card-Linked Offers and to speed up the process for buying E-Vouchers.  

How are my debit/credit card details stored?

Your credit/debit card details are processed but are pseudonymised using an encrypted token ID meaning that any identifiable information is removed or replaced. We do not store or have access to your identifiable credit/debit card data.

How do I remove or amend debit/credit card details if my card is lost or stolen?

You can amend or update your registered card details in the My Account section of the app at any time.

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