How ParkingPerx works in just 3 STEPS!

Excited to join the ParkingPerx rebellion and never pay for parking again?! Here's how...


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Register (including adding your debit/credit card and vehicle details) ✔️

If you skip this section during your registration here's how to go back and add your debit/credit card and vehicle details:

How to add a vehicle

How to add a debit/credit card

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Visit ‘Offers’ to browse deals from your favourite brands and earn Perx online or in-store.

Offers E Voucher


If it’s an e-voucher purchase E voucher symbol– buy the voucher in just a few clicks to spend in store or online to make sure your spending qualifies for Perx!


saving e voucher


If the offer is card-linked (i.e. the e-voucher symbol is not present), just spend as normal using your pre-registered debit/credit card.




After you've earned a minimum of £1.50 in Perx*, we’ll post out your exclusive personalised ParkingPerx payment card to use in participating car parks. 

ParkingPerx payment card

*Terms and conditions apply.




Visit ‘Park’ in the app to find your nearest participating car park using the handy map tool OR alternatively check out this article for details of all participating car parks.


When you’ve shopped ‘til you’ve dropped, pay for your parking contactlessly using your ParkingPerx Payment Card (just like you would with any other contactless card!), or save your Perx for your next trip to town.


Curious? This short video explains exactly how the ParkingPerx payment card works - 


How to redeem

Perx don’t quite cover your parking charges? Top up using the ‘+’ next to your 'My Perx' balance in the top right hand corner. Please note processing fees apply to top ups.

Top Up Perx Image