I haven't received any emails from ParkingPerx.

It's really important that you receive our emails in order to set up your account and find out about our new and exciting Offers! Here's what to do...

We're sorry to hear you aren't receiving our emails!

Follow these steps to make sure you can access your OTP to set up your account and exciting updates about new Offers and announcements. 

If you have a Gmail account:

          Check whether our emails are in your 'Promotions' or 'Junk' inboxes.


For all other accounts:

          Check whether our emails are in your 'Junk' folder.


Finally, make sure that you have 'support@parkingperx.com' stored as a safe email sender within your settings. Once you have updated your email settings contact us at this email address or via the app if you need us to resend any correspondence. 


If you are attempting to retrieve the email with your One Time Passcode, follow the above steps and then attempt to register again to retrieve a new OTP. 


Remember to turn on Marketing Messages Permission within your app 'Settings' to ensure you are kept in the loop! 

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