What can I do if my reward is not processed immediately?

We hope this won't happen but here's what to do if your reward is not processed and your ParkingPerx account credited immediately.

When making a qualifying purchase on a Earn Instore offer by spending with your debit or credit card your reward should be credited to your ParkingPerx account immediately. Similarly when earning Perx Online or Redeeming Instore using an E-Voucher purchased via our app your account balance will update immediately once you have purchased the voucher. 

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If for some reason the transaction is not processed, please submit a query relating to receipt of rewards from within the App and you will receive a response within 48 hours. To do so you need to visit our 'Contact Us' within 'Settings'. 

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Our support team will work to investigate any claims directly via our interface with the Mastercard/Visa platform. Any verified purchases where a reward was not given will be rectified within 7 days.