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What fees are involved with becoming a ParkingPerx Business Partner?

Everything you need to know about the fees involved with becoming a ParkingPerx Business Partner...

Our fees are subject to change therefore our helpful Sales team will provide full details of our current fees as part of the onboarding process. 

Remember that for instore Offers you are only liable to pay transaction fees on qualifying transactions i.e. where a consumer spends over a certain pre-determined amount. 

In order to partner with ParkingPerx you must deposit a minimum amount into your Merchant Holding Account. The Perx which you reward your customers with will be deducted from this account and our helpful support team can help you to top up this balance at any time. 

If you choose to reward your customers with a ParkingPerx gift voucher then you must purchase a gift voucher (minimum value £100) in advance and a fee is charged as a percentage of the voucher value. 

There is no minimum contract term and you can cancel your registration with ParkingPerx at any time.