Will all car parks in the town / city be using this product?

Find out in which car parks ParkingPerx is available...

In Sunderland you can spend your Perx at the Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunniside Car Park and St Mary’s Car Park as well as all RingGo car parks across the city. For a full list of the RingGo car parks where you can spend your Perx click here.

In Kendal you can spend your Perx at any South Lakeland District Council run car park. 

Blackhall Road

Kendal Booths

Kendal Dowker lane

Kendal Highgate Bowman

Kendal Library road

Kendal Parish Church

Kendal Peppercorn

Kendal Sandes Avenue

Kendal Snowsports Club

Kendal South Lakes House

You can find out which car parks are participating in the rollout with ParkingPerx in two ways.

1. Go to the 'SPEND' section of the app. Here you will see a map with pins locating the different car parks where you can spend your Perx.

2. Visit your location page on our website. 



N.B We are always looking to add to the places where you can spend your Perx and will regularly add additional car parks. It is always a good idea to regularly check the app, our socials, our emails and our website to keep an eye on all the latest updates.